Beneath the silhouette of your world’s two moons, people whisper the legends of old.

Leaving the ashes of World War Five behind, the colony ships arrived from Old Earth. After a generation on the world they named Paradise, deadly creatures appeared as if from

The survivors called them: the Dread.

A mysterious person appeared and saved the colonists from these monsters. This man attributed his cosmic powers to an entity he called the Three and a Half Gods. Now known as the Most High Overpriest, his clerics lord over the people from their pyramid temples.

It is now two thousand one hundred and twelve years since the Dreadfall. Workers toil as servants in a feudal caste system.

Leaving their plantation called Greenfields, our heroes recently entered Mega Don. In this sprawling city state they train in the faction academy. They hope one day to become full citizens, and escape forever the misery of plantation life.

Only the protective walls of the few city-states and settlements stand in the way of the loping horrors of the night. It has been years since the monsters have been sighted.

Will the Dread return?

The Most High Overpriest has survived burning and beheading to prove his immortality. Will he dispatch inquisitors to deal with the heroes?

Enter a world of dark secrets and lost civilization.

Welcome to Dreadfall.

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